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TechBota is a software development and IT consulting company located in Nepal. Improving and transforming the way businesses work is one of the things we specialize in.

Software's Role in our Life

We have encountered so many situations when we have used the word ‘software’, but still, we are unaware of what it actually is. Well, the definition of the word is straightforward, the software is nothing but a combination of programming language and applications. It is a tool that helps us to do the work.

"Software has become integral part of business"

TechBota is a software development company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our company has an expert, professional, and experienced software development team. They provide a full range of services that include application development, mobile app development, website development, and many more. We are interested in improving business productivity through the development of customized solutions. We build robust, user-friendly, scalable, quality-oriented software applications with features based on client requirements.

We are familiar with the latest technologies and methodologies for software development and are keen to understand and analyze the requirements of our clients and deliver solutions that will solve their problems.

In Techbota we follow an agile software development, we create a case scenario, then we show our own ideas, then we test what we create to make sure that it's understandable and easy to use for you.

Along with this, we also take care of data privacy and security and provide ongoing technical support and maintenance. 

Key Features of software
User Friendly Design
Responsive UI
Optimized speed and performance
High Security

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