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Let’s face it, it’s true. You know what you need but are not sure how to get it. Over and over, we hear that from clients of Techbota regarding SEO in Nepal.

You could be here because of one or more reasons.

  •  Your website is not online.
  •  You don’t know why your website traffic is decreasing.
  • The volume of calls and leads has gone down.
  •  You are starting a new website and want to grow it quickly.

I’m sure one of the four pain points rang a bell for you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hire our SEO services.There’s a reason why we are the fastest growing and most trusted provider of SEO services in Nepal—and it’s because we work tirelessly to provide SEO strategies that help your website rank.

                                      Our goal is to grow your online business.

We’ve been providing SEO in Nepal for more than two years, helping businesses grow their online presence, get more leads and increase their revenue.We’ve worked with many businesses, and have seen their business grow over time due to the right SEO practices we’ve implemented. We’ve worked with trekking companies, dental companies, construction companies, and many others.

Are you on the first page of the search engine results for a business or brand? You are missing out on leads if you don’t. If you want to grow your business, you have to think about search engine marketing. It is an important part of any plan to bring in more qualified leads and sales.

You have finally found the right company with the answers.

Techbota is the SEO solution that you’ve been searching for. Whether you’ve already got an established eCommerce business or a great idea, now it’s time to come on top and beat up the competitors.


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Our SEO Services

1. Keyword Research & Strategy

Your website needs to have content to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). If your web page doesn’t have content, Techbota will be able to help you rank better on your niche keywords. Your SEO specialist will review the keywords your website is currently ranking for, take your keyword wish list and conduct additional keyword research to build a list of keywords that make the most sense for your website and the competitive landscape.

2. Link Building

Links to your website are a huge component of search engine rankings. But not just any links! Backlinks are essential for your website to appear in Google’s results.For you to generate more traffic to your website, you need to partner with an SEO company that has a dedicated link-building team and has the connections necessary to bring traffic to your site.

3.Technical SEO

You can improve your rankings with page speed optimizations.Correcting these errors makes it easier for search engines when they crawl your website.There are three things you can do to improve your rankings:

4.Local SEO

Research shows that local customers do most of their research online. You can use this information to better connect with your customers by providing better search results and optimizing your website for Google searches.Local SEO helps your business stand out from the crowd by getting your location more visible. GMB optimization helps your company get more visitors and customers.

We optimize your GMB profile and manage your online reputation to grow your local followers.

5.On-Page SEO

Your business needs to have a strong online presence if you want it to succeed in today’s world of internet marketing.You can find many SEO companies, but when choosing a professional, ask about how they’ll make sure their SEO efforts are in line with the best practicesOur team of SEO experts publishes unique, valuable content and optimizes your headline and HTML tags.

6.Off-Page SEO

To increase brand credibility and online exposure, you need to use SEO (off-page optimization).Our SEO agency is a partner that helps businesses of all sizes grow online by leveraging the power of search marketing.We leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content creation, and social media marketing to generate qualified links, positive ratings, and a great user experience.

7.Content Writing

We’ve got a team of writers who produce highly-optimized SEO-friendly content for your website. Whether that’s creating share-worthy blog posts or optimizing pre-existing service and product pages with more content.Search engines love a website that regularly updates its content.Choose our SEO firm to support your content needs, and bolster your search marketing.


SEO in Nepal provided by Techbota

At TechBota, we offer a comprehensive set of search engine optimization (SEO) services that you can use to drive more traffic to your website, using only trustworthy, future-proof, white hat SEO techniques. Some of the services that we provide for you in thamel are:

  • Custom SEO Strategy: Our SEO services are customizable to your unique needs. We use the best strategies to get your website ranked high in search results.
  • Comprehensive Onsite SEO: Title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal linking, etc.
  • A lot of keyword research and market analysis.
  • It’s important to keep your site’s content fresh by using high-quality writing.
  • Evaluated the competition in detail.
  • Careful Link Building is done on diverse domains with high domain authority.
  • If you’re interested in pursuing pay per click, you should use sem tactics for long-term results.
  • A syndication of articles on social media.
  • Trends, traffic, and more can be learned from google analytics.


TechBota Agile SEO Methodology

                            Your baby Steps Towards Digital Transformation

It is a fact that the search landscape is constantly evolving, and to remain competitive, you need to invest in the right SEO services designed to your business needs, demands, and target customers.

There’s an old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Techbota is a digital marketing agency in Thamel that is focused on building close relationships with clients. Our experts work closely with our clients to develop personalized strategies. We can create high-quality, measurable results by using a proven methodology.

You get the most from the Agile SEO approach if you use these key principles:

1. Discover

Your SEO agency should understand your business needs, demands, and expectations.Our Discovery Phase helps you find out who your key company stakeholders are and what they think of your business idea.Afterward, we identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), identify your conversion path, and perform extensive keyword research.This allows us to get a deeper understanding of your company so that we can design content, social media campaigns, and other projects for your site.



The next step is analysis. It covers competitive bench marking, an in-depth site audit, site analytics review, and link risk assessment.Now we’re ready to get started! Our team will do an extensive audit of your existing website and social channels to get an overview of your current strengths and to do this we’ll look at your historical traffic patterns, any on-site technical issues, competitor’s back link strategies, and link-building tactics.We use the analytics results in formulating the best approach for your SEO.



When we have your marketing goals and objectives in mind, our SEO experts will then create a 60-day strategic online marketing plan (SOMP) that will help you Here you include your campaign goals, expected outcomes for each marketing channel, and estimated completion time.During the first month of your campaign, our SEO agency focuses on the most important aspects of your SEO.This is how we ensure that all our SEO efforts deliver immediate, targeted results.



In this phase of SEO, we start optimizing your web pages and blog posts for keywords, improve your site structure and manage your business listings.A well-crafted SEO strategy involves leveraging a multi-channel approach to improve your overall search engine optimization (SEO) results.Social media is one of the best ways to reach potential customers on the Internet. We help businesses get more traffic from other websites.



After signing up, we put you in our tracking system and monitor your online progress and understand the impact of your online marketing campaign.We monitor and analyze your website traffic and conversions so we can help you improve your SEO results.Our SEO experts are also looking at your organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and local visibility and click-through rates (CTRs). By tracking and optimizing your SEO, you can gain insights into how people are finding your site and whether or not you should invest more in SEO to make sure that your content is getting found.



We’ll review your website regularly, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your project manager about your current and future marketing strategies.In our consultation, we present a comprehensive report that shows you how your site is performing.This includes your ranking and your performance metrics.Every month, we create a new 90-day roadmap, so you know exactly how your campaign is doing, and what to expect.


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Let’s face the truth. You likely wouldn’t be here without SEO. How did you find this page? With a Google search? If so, you’re an example of SEO working for us. Now, put it to work for your business.

Whether you have an established eCommerce business or just have a passion for selling, you can use the principles you learned here for your business. We have been providing great services for SEO in Nepal and also for the foreign companies.


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